Thursday, 3 September 2015

Asian Adventure - Kyoto to Tokyo

We checked out of the hotel at Kyoto, and caught the Shinkansen to Tokyo. Our instructions were to get off a Shinagawa then get another train to Ueno. I am still not convinced that was the best way, but that is what we did. On the way we saw Mt Fuji but shrouded in cloud. 

Good location and suitable for us

Door height a bit low

It took a little time to find our hotel, which was quite near Ueno Station, and luckily our room was already ready so we checked in, and it seemed to be a little smaller than the one at Kyoto, but still excellent (and the bed was the right size for Darryl). The Tourist Information was at one of the other Ueno Stations so we went to get information. Nearby was a market street which we wandered up and down until after 5pm when we found a restaurant and ordered Shashimi along with other delicacies. 

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