Saturday, 5 September 2015

Asian Adventure - Mt Takao

We got up pretty early to go out to Mt Takao, which took about an hour to get there. We took the chair lift part-way up the mountain, and from the top we should have been able to see Mt Fuji on a clear day. Unfortunately it was quite hazy and the clouds were coming in (even though the forecast had said it would be clear until about 1pm), so I thought I could possibly see where the mountain 'should' be, but it didn't show itself. The way up was mostly a paved road, but on the way down we took the 'nature walk' which was a little rougher, but with lots of interesting things to see. 

 Back in town we went to the northern part of Ueno Park to look at the cemetery, which was really fascinating. We saw the student festival again, before heading back to our room. I had pushed myself up the mountain to try and see Mt Fuji so was pretty tired by then. After freshening up we went back to the market to get some dinner.

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