Sunday, 6 September 2015

Asian Adventure - Tokyo to Yokohama

Today we took it easy, getting up and getting packed. Trains took us to Yokohama, where we left our bags at Osanbashi Cruise Terminal. Along the shoreline was Yamashita Park, and we wandered down to look at statues, flowers and the Hikawa Maru.

Around 2:30 we decided to board (even though we weren't due until 4pm). Our stateroom was fantastic. I had been a bit worried about it after the cell in Hong Kong, but needn't have. There was plenty of room, even a walk-in robe. It didn't take long for us to unpack, so we set out for a little orientation. Darryl had dinner at the buffet, but I went to our dining room. I had plans to go out and do more after dinner, but apart from going to the Show, I was too tired and just wanted to sleep.

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