Friday, 4 September 2015

Asian Adventure - Tokyo

Ueno Park is very close to where we were staying and early in the morning, we walked around the park taking in the sights and photos while waiting for the Museum to open. Despite some buildings being closed for alterations, the museum was excellent value and we spent over 4 hours wandering around looking at exhibitions.

Ueno Park

Museum entrance

We had asked the tourist information the previous day about a festival (Geidai-sai,) the students from Tokyo University of Arts had on, but they could not provide any information and around lunchtime, as we were leaving the museum, we were surprised to see some type of competition taking place in between groups of students. We only saw the end of it from a distance, but they seemed to have a student on top of palanquins (large models on wheels) which a number of students carried around on their shoulders.

At the end of the competition, the palanquins were wheeled back to the University grounds nearby.
After they left, we continued on our walk around Ueno Park taking in the sights.

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