Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cruise Day 10 - At sea

We had a sea day, and got up relatively late for breakfast. Our first event was the Singapore destination lecture. Darryl went to Table Tennis & Shuffleboard. I went to a lecture called “I don't like getting old!” by Dr Christian Heim, which was quite enjoyable. On the way to lunch I passed the art auction, so attended and won a raffle. Darryl went to Golf Chipping, Carpet Bowls and The Ryder Cup. He won the Mini Olympics. 

I went to the World Festivals, where fellow passengers showed off the results of their classes, with a choir, ukele playing, Matariki Otea, Hula, Bollywood, Bon Odori and Belly Dancing. Darryl was feeling unwell all day, so we had a look at our possible winning artwork (which would cost $395 framed or $65 for delivery), and had a fairly early night.

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