Monday, 21 September 2015

Cruise Day 15 - At sea

A sea day, and we got up pretty late for breakfast. I watched the fruit and vegetable carving, by two of the talented chefs.

Next event was the gem talk on gemstones of the world. Darryl competed in more competition, and we were a team for the egg drop competition. Darryl did most of the work, but I provided the tools and my origami boxes as containers. There were 4 entries and none of the eggs were broken so the winner was awarded by acclamation for the most creative, and the one which won had an inflatable kangaroo on the top of the box. We were very pleased with ours, though, and several people came up to us later to congratulate us on our design. 

After dinner, we watched the Pearson & Harvey Comedy Show and then also went to see the singer Davida, who had quite a good range of her voice and songs.

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