Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Eurimbla National Park - Middle Creek

 To get to Eurimbla National Park from the Turkey Beach Road requires crossing this quite rickety wooden bridge across Worthington Creek. I think it has been built just above the high-tide mark.

 We had planned to go to Bustard Head to look at the lighthouse, but it appears there is no longer any public access, and the obstacle course proved too daunting for could only cross this tidal creek at very low tide, only to be met by a locked gate the other side.

This is the road we had just come down. There was a lot of water in the wheel ruts, and Darryl had to be careful to pick the best place for the wheels all along the road.

One of the smaller bogs.

The turn-off to Middle Creek Campground.

One of the views from the top of the hill at the hilltop campground.

Set up for camping, with the solar panel getting the best of the sun.

The LARC crossing Middle Creek. Originally this vehicle came from Rocky High School, it is now used to bring tourists up from Agnes Water.

A large tiger snake on the rocky cliffs below our campsite - bit hard to get a decent photo when you are trying to keep out of its way!

A view of the camp up through the Xanthorrea.

Sunrise from the campsite, looking out towards the ocean.


Darryl got out early to get some yabbies for fishing.

One of the many colourful butterflies.

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