Saturday, 19 January 2013

New Zealand - Post 14

Friday 18 Jan
The forecast for the day in Sydney was 39oC (it turned out to be 45.8oC) so we headed off reasonably early to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

We rested the other side, then looked for Darryl's great-grandmother's (Elizabeth Anne Walsh nee Trembath) house at Milson's Point, and found it was a Terrace House. 
Darryl in front of the house (the one with the red balcony)

We walked down to the bay, then back to Luna Park for a look. 

From Luna Park we caught the ferry back to Circular Quay. The heat was really severe, so we ended up back in the Hotel room in the air-conditioning and having a nap. Storms followed in the evening. There were still storm winds and sharp showers when we strolled through the Chinatown Markets. Dinner for me was baby octopus on a stick, while Darryl had dim-sims on a stick and we followed with a strange Taiwanese Dessert.
Saturday 19 Jan
Darryl decided to tour Sydney Harbour on his $2.50 ticket and I went to NSW State Library to do research on Sydney burials, after shopping at Myer. My research day was a burnout with no hits at all, but I enjoyed the air-conditioning and even felt cold towards the end of the day – when I emerged into the real world I discovered it was because it had been raining and was quite cool outside too. Unfortunately, Darryl's plans also didn't come to fruition as it turned out his card didn't apply and they wouldn't give him the discount he had the previous day. He enjoyed walking around Hyde Park. In the evening we went to the Dixon House Food Court for dinner, and had Peking Style Pork Ribs and Lamb Kebabs, then went to another Chinese Dessert place for Durian Dumpling, Mango Sago, and Grass Jelly. We wandered down to Darling Harbour, watching street theatre and the other people, saw the huge duck, and the excellent fireworks.

Sunday 20 Jan
Flew home! Great to be back, even though we had a great time.

Some extra Hot Glass Photos - these are the ones that sold at the auction - the large purple one for $1300, down to $750 for the purple urn:

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  1. So you were part of history... being in Sydney on their hottest day on record!