Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Abandoned Gold Mine at the Razorback, Mt Morgan

In the late 19th Century goldmining at Mt Morgan was in full swing. The whole area was being prospected and there were many mines started and then abandoned. This walk was to investigate one of these, which is on private property.

We met early at The Spire and drove up towards The Razorback (click to see more information), to meet up with some of the others as well as the property owner at the memorial park. Once our guide arrived, we drove a few minutes west to his property, and found a good place to park in a steep paddock. Initially, after leaving the cars we walked down into the gully, but were soon headed up the side of quite a steep hill. About a quarter of the way from the top we reached the entrance to the old mine.

I marveled that men from a different century had dragged heavy mining equipment all that way. The entrance seemed in good condition with strong timbers supporting it, and we headed in the tunnel. Iridescent purple moths, that had also been present in Blue Bag mine at Glassford, and some small bats were soon disturbed by us. Not too far in there was a rockfall, which most did not feel safe in traversing, but Glynn clambered on until his progress was defeated but the whole tunnel being blocked.

Discussion ensued regarding ventilation shafts, and Darryl, Dave and a few others climbed further up the hill and found a caved-in ventilation shaft.  They also climbed to the top of the hill to catch the views. When they returned we traipsed back down the hill – me taking it very easy so as not to compromise my knees. For some of us, that was the early end to the walk – Darryl and I were going home, while Dave was going geo-caching. The rest walked to Mt Dovecott.

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