Friday, 14 November 2008

Tuesday 11 Nov 2008 - Dalby

The wind had blown all night, and was still quite strong in the morning. After breakfast and hot showers, we packed up and drove further into the National Park, to walk to Paradise Falls.  Although quite a nice walk through the rain forest, the falls were a little disappointing, being more of a trickle than a falls, so we decided not to continue on to the next ones which were called Little Falls! We were entertained by Eastern Whipbirds calling. Darryl tried very hard to get a photo, but they are very cryptic.

Our journey continued down to Dalby, and I called in to see Jean Keys (a Trembath relation of Darryl's). When we arrived, Jean was not at home, so we found the Old Dalby Cemetery and started looking for the names Coutts, Byrne, Martin, Rashleigh, Troyahn, etc. The cemetery had lots of very small, but nasty prickles, and we both found ticks which would have found us at the Bunya's. Lunch was beside Myall Creek at a little park, and while Darryl went shopping, Jean called to say she was home. We went around and she had laid on lovely platters of foods], and we did some heavy genie chat, while Darryl stretched out on the porch for a nap.

I tried in vain to get on to Arthur Coutts, one of my rellies, and we hit the road again, and arrived at Girraween National Park, south of Stanthorpe, and were set up and fed in an hour. It was pretty chilly, so our warm bed was very attractive.
Chris with Jean

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