Friday, 14 November 2008

Wednesday 12 Nov 2008 - Girraween National Park

In the morning, Darryl was up early, and by the time I ventured out he had already walked to the top of Castle Rock. The sign said it was a  two hour walk, but it took him exactly 30 minutes.

Darryl walked the same track with me later to take photos of the wildflowers, although I
didn't go all the way along. We came back for morning tea, and then rode the bikes 4km along the road, quite a lot of it was steep uphill, and I had get off and push) back to the start of the walk to Underground Creek.

Fruit of Native Hops bush

Darryl at Wave Rock and Underground Creek
This was an impressive shelf of granite which had collapsed over a creek. The walk had many more wonderful wildflowers.

Also along here was Dr Roberts Waterhole, commemorating the man who had originally pushed for conserving these areas. It was a lovely downhill ride back to the campsite for a late lunch, shared by the Satin Bowerbirds (male and a few females), and some curious Wattlebirds. The birds then attracted a couple of passing walkers who stopped to chat. I also wanted to walk to Granite Arch, which although, a short walk in distance, took quite a while, as I also took lots of photos. Bald Rock was clearly visible from here. A lizard, which had markings like a goanna tried to hide beside a rock, and Darryl startled a large red-bellied black snake which decided a swim was the safest option. This campsite had lovely hot showers, and they were certainly refreshing.

me at Granite Arch

male Satin Bowerbird

Hilux set up for the night

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