Friday, 14 November 2008

Away From Home - 6 Nov 2008

We finally drove off at 9am on Thursday and went straight to Gladstone to visit George and Eileen, Darryl’s parents. Luckily, while we were there, Kerry, Elizabeth and Anthea turned up for a quick visit. After lunch we hit the road and made it to the farm. Our tenants had scarpered, and there was the usual damage to fix; and new tenants to find. We visited our friends Phil and Rhonda, who live 2 km up the road. Friday required a trip to town to pick up door handles etc, and we played 500 with Phil and Rhonda at night. Saturday and Sunday were spent by Darryl fixing up the place, with me doing what I could, as I wasn’t feeling too well. On Saturday we signed up new tenants for the farm, a young couple with a little boy. We can only hope they will be an improvement on the others, but by now we have been burnt too many times, and just don't expect much any more, although they seemed nice enough.. The house is looking marvellous – I just wish it had been so lovely when we first came here nearly 28 years ago!

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