Friday, 16 November 2007

North Queensland Holiday...Places

While on our trip up North , we took photos of some of the houses lived in by  our families in the past - but I couldn't resist showing you a photos of a modern house too - that of my  brother Mal, just outside Innisfail. So the first one is Mal's house nestled in the rainforest.

This house is the home of Fred and May Wright in Charles St, Innisfail. They were Darryl's grandparents.

This flat is 8 Ida St, Innisfail, the last place that Doris Olson, my grandmother lived. She was in the flat on the right.

This one is 49 Pine St, Innisfail, where Darryl's family lived.

This house is at 39 Palmerston Highway, and was the home of George and Eileen after they left the farm.

This house is at Flying Fish Point, and is where Syd and Emma Walsh lived on retirement.

This is the house on the farm at the Palmerston Highway. Fred and May Wright owned the farm, and George help build the house for his family, and worked on the farm.

This is the heritage listed Stock Exchange Building in Charters Towers. Once, Charters Towers was a huge gold-mining community. 

Here is a link, or two to some more information:
Shire Council

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