Sunday, 10 August 2014

Mt Nicholson Walk

Mount Nicholson

One of the teachers from my last school asked Alan to lead a group of very fit people to Mount Nicholson, and he invited me along.

We met early at the National Park sign on Sunset Drive, and headed off for the fire-trail further up Moores Creek. 

Moores Creek
Moores Creek still had water running in it since the good rains since 2011.
The walkers were surprised when he started to follow a ridge up through scrub as they were expecting a well formed path, (we have very few tracks in Central Queensland).

It took about four hours to reach the old shack high up on the ridge, where our unexpected appearance scared off a few grazing cattle, before we stopped for lunch.

On the way down, we passed the large shield fern that had survived for many years on the top of a large exposed rock and a small hollow with numerous ginger plants. 

New Zealand Gully
The ridge took us past views of New Zealand Gully, (an old gold mining area).
We followed another spur back down to Moores Creek where we proceeded to walk up to Sleipner Spur which led back to the Zamia Track.

View from Sleipner Lookout
I took a couple of photos of the upper Moores Creek catchment from Sleipner Lookout before continuing up to the summit.

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