Sunday, 16 June 2013

Canada Hols - Cruising Day to Seward

Saturday was a full cruising day, and we woke to limited visibility, all day, because of the fog. As I was feeling sick, I stayed in bed until nearly mid-day, when I ventured out for a cup of tea. I only had a very light lunch, and went to the Art Auction, where I won a couple of raffles. They turned out to be full-sized prints, but the shipping cost of Australia of $65 was more than they grabbed me, so I declined – Gockel Shades of Autumn and Mavrovich A Day in Catalina). Darryl enjoyed an “Explore Alaska” information session. He also attended a Trivia session, but, once again, did not know too many of the answers (he gave me the questions afterwards and I think I did worse than him!) We had dinner at the Lido buffet instead of the Dining Room, as they are very slow with service, and almost the same menu is available. In the evening we went to a Liars show then spent time chatting with Bill and Dale.

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