Monday, 24 June 2013

Canada Hols - Seattle Day 1

We arrived in Seattle at 5am on Friday morning. Due to the lack of sleep during the night (it was pretty fitful), we found some benches and seats at the airport and I slept for another 2 hours before we were ready to move. We then got on the light-rail into town, and walked to our Hotel, (the King's Inn), which is really central to everything to leave our bags. The weather had been forecast as raining, but although it was cloudy, and cold (I needed my parka on), we didn't get any, and it broke into a nice sunny day. First port of call was the Pike Street Markets. These had flowers, food, wares, and seafood with the famous fish-tossing. The first ever Starbucks is here too. We checked out the Frye Art Museum with lots of industrial type art, checking out St James Cathedral on the way. Back towards the shoreline was Pioneer Square with a bronze statue of Chief Seattle. Lunch was from the Pike Street Markets, before going to the Seattle Centre to admire the Space Needle (which we can even see from our Hotel Window), see the plane with a banner going past. There is also a glass garden. On the way back, we got chatting to a local artist, then checked out the Seattle Glassblowing Studio, which had some very nice pieces. We were both 'really' tired so had an early nap.

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