Sunday, 16 June 2013

Canada Hols - Glacier Bay Alaska

Cruising in Glacier Bay was the whole program for Friday. We rose early, although the sun was already up, at 4:45, to get an early breakfast, and then headed to the Crow's Nest to take in the sights. We were rewarded with sightings of whales taking an early morning surface roll and blow, and pods of dolphins. We were in a fantastic position to admire the smooth sailing up the fjord, with beautiful jagged mountains draped in snow, and many glaciers. We saw the huge shaggy goats, a bear ambling across the rocky beach, whales, seals, and sea otters. This was a fabulous day and words really can't describe how special it was.
In the evening, there was a formal dinner. The dinner show was a whale breaching right outside out window. We were invited to an Antipodean Party to meet other Aussies and Kiwis, where I bought Martini's, which Darryl didn't like, so I had to drink both, and then at 10pm there was a huge special dessert extravaganza up near the pool. All sorts of wonderful desserts were available, but I got conflicting directions from every person I asked for the gluten & sugar-free desserts, and may well have had something incorrect as I woke up quite sick in the morning.

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