Thursday, 20 June 2013

Canada Hols - Anchorage to Denali National Park

We got up early on Monday as we had to have our bags outside the room by 6am. We were boarded on buses which took us to the rail station, and we were boarded onto trains with a viewing top for the trip to Denali National Park. Once again Moose spotting became a sport. The first was a cow and calf, and then I spotted a couple more. It was very hard to get good photos as you need to react very quickly, and can't have your camera on and ready all the time. When we first boarded the train the Aircon didn't seem to be working, then it got really cold then stopped again. Apparently, the Alaskans could not believe the heat wave they are having. The trouble is that when the aircon gives up on an enclosed train, it is not so enjoyable, even when you can see the snow in places beside the track. Once again we had a great guide, who gave us lots of information and facts about our surroundings, and Alaska in general. We also had perfect weather for great viewings of the highest mountain in the USA, Mt Denali (or McKinlay). We also spotted quite a few beaver lodges. When we arrived, we were upgraded to a different lodge – Princess Alaska Lodge. We were unsure if it really was an upgrade, but a neighbour who had stayed at our original lodgings the night before assured us so. We took a shuttle to get our bearings then decide on The Salmon Bake for dinner. We ordered one Ribs to share...the rack consisted of 13 ribs, and I ate 9 while Darryl enjoyed the rest along with waffle chips, cornbread and coleslaw. We washed it down with a local pale ale. Darryl went for a walk down by the river.

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