Monday, 24 June 2013

Canada Hols - Leaving Fairbanks

On Thursday we hadn't planned much. We booked out of Borealis Inn, and took a local bus to one of the shopping centres. There we did a little shopping, and I spent most of the day sorting through my photos and writing up the diary. One thing that I can definitely say about the people of Fairbanks is that they are very friendly. One lady even stopped to ask it we would like to be given a lift somewhere in her car. The people will stop and talk to you wherever – on the bus or in the shopping centre. Got a great shot of a "car". Just after 5 we caught the bus out to the airport where the flight was supposed to be at 8:40 but was delayed 20 mins or so. There was a bit of a problem going through security as I had a tube of sunscreen in my pack but they let me go back through and squeeze out half. The flight to Anchorage was just under an hour (not long enough for them to supply coffee!), then we had to wait until 12:55 for the flight to Seattle. Some disturbing news on the TV was that there was severe flooding in Calgary. Being close to the longest day of the year it was still quite light at that time. Darryl got some great photos of the mountains with snow on the way. There is also great art in all of these airports.

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