Friday, 7 June 2013

Canada Hols - Lynn Canyon & Queen Elizabeth Park

On Thursday we walked to the train station and went to the city. Initially we wanted to check out where we need to go to get on the cruise ship, which is at Canada Place on the waterfront. From there, once again we were trying to find a shop, and while looking at a map were approached by a man who helped us, and then asked us for money! The shop was very close to the area we wanted to avoid! After getting supplies, we returned to the Seabus and went to North Vancouver. A retired bus driver had recommended Lynn Canyon which had lovely walks through beautiful pines trees, twin waterfalls, and a suspension bridge, and swimming hole. The water was really clear and fresh. Back in town we went to a large park called Queen Elizabeth Park which had great views of the city, with the snow-covered mountains behind, statues, moles, squirrels and flowering trees and plants. Dinner was at a Japanese Restaurant, with Teriyaki Chicken, Pork skewers and spring rolls, along with a Japanese beer.

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