Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Canada Hols - Marg's Vancouver Tour

On Saturday Marg (a cousin), who lives on Vancouver Island, picked us up and took us on a grand city tour. First we went to Granville Island (once an industrial area), with a fantastic Market (set in the old buildings), which had everything you could want to buy, Salmon in all forms, meats, chocolates, breads, fruits, crafts with spinning, pottery, glass, wrought-iron, wood-turning etc. Lunch was at an Olde-Worlde Hotel, which was really lovely. We drove through Stanley Park, glimpsed a raccoon as he ran across the road, then along the shorelines of English Bay, and past Spanish Banks, the UBS Museum of Anthropology, through Richmond, and down to historic Steveston, all the time getting a wonderful commentary by Marg. We saw a millipede which we put a 'Looney' (Canadian $1 coin next to for scale). At Steveston we walked along the Fraser River, checking out the historic piers and rockwalls. We saw blue heron, seagulls and pigeons.  A quick stop at a shopping centre was just the ticket, before Marg dropped us back at the Hotel. We decided to do our washing before sailing, so took a load to the laundromat, and picked up takeaways in the vicinity.


  1. Mum! Jess waves her finger around and speaks authoritatively "It's a Looney! $1"

  2. Hahaha - thanks Jess! Fixed it now! :-)