Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Canada Hols - Seattle Day 2 - Ballard Locks & Volunteer Park

Saturday was a beautiful day with fabulous weather. We took local buses out to Ballard Locks, which allow boats to get from the lake to the river, it was the biggest tide of the year. Also, beside the lock is the Fish Ladder, and we were able to see the Salmon run. There were a few different types, and large ones as well as the fingerlings. Predatory birds were fishing there, and a sea-lion was in the lock, presumably also after fish, but looked like it was lounging in the sun. The buses took us back to town where we got on a different line and went to Volunteer Park, a park created to honour the volunteer forces in the Spanish-American War. This is quite a lovely park with huge trees, a brick Water Tower which gave great views of city and mountains, the Asian Art Museum, an Arbortoreum, Capitol Hill, and Lakeview Cemetery, where Bruce Lee and his son are buried. In the evening we caught up with my cousins Eddy, Terri and Courtney at the Rock Bottom Brewery, and it was such an enjoyable night that it was 10:30pm before we realised, and it was time to go.

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