Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Canada Hols - Seattle Day 4 - Pacific Science Centre

Monday also had showers forecast, and it was cloudy in the morning but blue skies came out later and we had no rain. Walking along the street we got a bit of excitement. A huge bell was on the footpath and it turned out to be in front of a Fire Station. As we stopped to take photos, the doors suddenly opened and 4 tenders shot out. Several other emergency vehicles soon went racing past. We spent the whole day at the Pacific Science Centre http://www.pacificsciencecenter.org/ There were lots of great interactive exhibits, but it was spoilt by so many of them being broken or out of order (this must have also been very disappointing for all the kids on school holidays). It had animatronic dinosaurs, a saltwater tidal pool, (with animals for the kids to touch), all about health and the human body (including a relaxation competition where Darryl & I competed to be the more relaxed, I won once and he won once) insects including giant cockroaches, spiders, stick & leaf insects, a naked mole-rat village, living bee hive, an exhibit about inventions to help in 3rd world countries, the NASA space station, and a Tropical Butterfly House. There were also puzzles and games to play.

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