Sunday, 16 June 2013

Canada Hols - Skagway Alaska

On Thursday morning we docked at Skagway. This is a quaint town, reminiscent of the Old West, with lovely buildings and wooden footpaths. On leaving the ship it was cool but tolerable, but soon a cold biting wind sprung up. We wandered through town, enjoying the window-shopping. Skagway has much nicer items for sale than the other two towns. At the end of town the path goes around the railway yards and out to the historical, and very interesting Gold-Rush Cemetery and beautiful Lower Reid's Falls. After a brief stop outside the library for some free wifi, I was getting pretty cold so we headed back to the ship for lunch. After lunch Darryl went out for further exploration, around to Smuggler's Cove & Yakutania Point with a view down Lynn Canak ad the Chilkat Mountains, Lower Dewey Lake & Reservoir, while I took some time-off and had a nap. Dinner was Heritage Meal which meant Indonesian and Malaysian foods which were really tasty. I went to see the magician, while Darryl did a load of washing, and afterwards we spent time on the Crow's Nest watching the ship sail down the fjord, past mountains laced with snow and waterfalls.

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