Thursday, 27 August 2015

Asian Adventure - Hong Kong - Kowloon Park

We woke up late and didn't get ourselves sorted until 10am (very late for us). We decided to try and orientate ourselves. I had found where the tourist information was on the docks so we went there first. Armed with a couple of maps we headed north and found Kowloon Park.

What a peaceful green oasis in the middle of the madness! We spent most of the day, walking around admiring the water features, sitting in the shade, whistling at the birds in the aviary, and eating a Green Tea Sundae each from a McDonald's stand in the park. 

At night we found a different restaurant and had a much nicer meal, Darryl had a beef curry and I had pork cheek, we shared broccoli. It was very busy and they turned people away while we were there. I thought it was very tasty but Darryl wasn't all that impressed (I think his had too much salt for his liking). 

We bought Oyster Cards to use on the MTR (train system), with unlimited travel for 3 days, plus one trip to the airport. 

 At 8pm each night there is a free light show from across the harbour, if you go to the Avenue of Stars, so we headed down. I must say that I was pretty underwhelmed, but it was nice to see the building lights on the other side, and we enjoyed watching a Sampan lit up in red sailing to and fro. After a huge cruise liner departed, then we headed back to our cell.

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