Saturday, 22 August 2015

Asian Adventure - Changsha to Guilin

We had an early breakfast, (which was quite acceptable), as our guide and driver were collecting us at 8am for the 5 hour drive back to Changsha. Going outside, I realised that there was a cable car right next to our hotel.

View from our Hotel Room
Some vehicles seemed to be really overloaded

Once there we waited for our bullet-train to Guilin. While waiting at the station, we started talking to an American who had lived in Changsha for about 11 years. He was a mineral/crystal buyer, who seemed to deal all around the world – Tasmania and Columbia for example (after we boarded we didn't see him and his Chinese wife again, as I think they were in Business Class). The train took around 3 1/2 hours at speeds up to 305km/h. What 'was' annoying was a little boy in the seat in front of us who just couldn't keep still and we think spilt some liquid (possibly coke as he had MacDonald's), on the floor and it came back and wet my backpack and laptop. He was also yelling loudly at the beginning, and we were very pleased when the whole family departed after 1 ½ hours. There were bullet-trains going in the opposite direction, every 4 or 5 minutes. 

We were collected from the train by Duncan and Mr Leiw, and driven to the Hotel which appeared to be quite good and definitely located in a good place, right in the centre of the city. The plumbing was all good, (at last), and they had provided bottled water again. 

Guilin is a smaller city of about 1 million people but gets 34 million visitors a year. After dropping our bags, we went for a stroll down the promenade along the river bank. 

Then down a street pointed out as the food stall street to have a look. The place was bustling with people and street stalls. Quite a few foreigners, even an Irish Pub!

Nice big mangos for sale

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