Friday, 28 August 2015

Asian Adventure - Hong Kong - 10,000 Buddha's Temple

The plan for ourselves was to find the 10,000 Buddha's Temple. Although there are pretty good instructions on the internet, there is no, or little, signage to direct you to the start of the temple. Using the MTR we navigated 3 trains and arrived at Sha Tin Station. The internet instructions appeared to be pretty good, as we found the secluded entrance. 

Large statue, high up on the hill can be seen from the centre of town

This place was stunning, stairs with gold Buddha statues flanking both sides. They were larger than life and each one completely different in body, pose and face. At the very top were several 'halls' with Buddha inside, and the very pinnacle had a huge white statue against the rainforest above a waterfall. The monastery also had a restaurant and a pagoda. 

On our way up we spoke to a man who we had seen in our hotel lift. It turned out he was from Melbourne and had been in HK a week. He recommended the huge Buddha on Lantau Island so after having some lunch snacks in Sha Tin Park, we trained it there. 

After about an hour wait in line, we took the 5.7 km cable-car up the mountain and were blown away by a huge Buddha on the top of the mountain. There was also a monastery there with temples and many statues.

Buddha statue to the left

Back in town we found a Schezuen Restaurant and had a really enjoyable meal of chicken wings, spicy black mushrooms, and a mixed soup. We had it 3 chillies hot and the servers seemed concerned about us and kept coming to check on us, but it was fabulous!

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