Monday, 17 August 2015

Asian Adventure - Yangtze River Cruise - Day 3

Buffet breakfast, although we were still so full from the banquet that we didn't feel very hungry at all. It was cloudy, although we couldn't see the actual clouds for the 'fog', but, at least the temperature was a little lower. 

At 8am we headed off the boat to be bussed to visit the 3 Gorges Dam. We were finally able to see the overview of the lock system. We were able to see 4 barges in the lock at the same time. It was very 'foggy' so visibility was very low, so the photos won't be too clear. Because of this we didn't bother going to the highest point. 

Click to play video (57sec)

The guide didn't give us clear instructions about meeting again (time or place), and shortly she came looking for us. The Chinese, from our bus, were apparently all taking golf carts back to the bus meeting place, but it was extra and we all, Bob, Joanne, Darryl and I elected to walk. The guide seemed surprised. We managed to avoid the touts again and got back to the ship. No lunch was provided, so we put our bags out and went up to the lounge to watch our progress through Xichang Gorge, the largest. 

Click to play video (57sec)

After we had passed through we returned to our room for a nap before we docked at Yichang, and our guide came aboard to meet us. There was a bit of an issue as there were porters waiting there to take our bags, but it was supposed to cost Yuan 30 and Darryl wanted to carry them himself. Eventually, the guide said the agency would pay and they carried our bags the short distance off the ship and up to the waiting van and driver. We were extremely distressed to find that the van did not have seatbelts! The guide offered us some excursion in this city, but we elected to go straight to the bullet-train station, where she organised earlier train tickets (first class for an extra Yuan20), and she took us to the soft-sleeper waiting area with nice red chairs (although initially Darryl didn't have a chair), until a gentleman offered him a spare and then even directed me to his seat when he left as it was directly below the airconditioner vent. We didn't think the guide was very happy with us, as she was not very communicative, I had to extract every bit of information from her about this place. Eventually, our train was called and we boarded. The guide came with us, which was unusual. 

At the other end we met the driver Mr Chu and he took us to the hotel where we were booked in, and everything was organised. 

We then went for a short walk to the Lotus supermarket to buy some snacks.

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