Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Asian Adventure - Rice Terraces

We had a really fantastic sleep as the bed was so comfortable. Breakfast was an excellent array, but soon after we sat down with our plates piled high, the attendant brought us a plate each with sausage, fried egg, two rolls, and also coffee. We were just getting over that when the next plate was brought piled up with fruit. We felt really bad leaving the table with food left on the plates, but we really just couldn't eat it all. 

The drive to the Terraces took 3-4 hours, but it was certainly pretty amazing. From the gate, there was another 9km to go to the entrance, and from there you could walk up to the minority village or take the little bus, which I did while Darryl and the guide walked the kilometre and a half up. 

Click to play video (2min 42sec)

First we visited an original house and then had lunch at the restaurant. Darryl and the guide then walked down to the museum, while I waited for the return bus. A group of Chinese were also waiting and we talked a bit, but when the driver didn't show up they walked back. In the end, I walked back too, as at least, it was downhill. Partway Darryl was heading back up to get me. It was a couple of hours back to Guilin. 

We walked to the Supermarket, to buy some supplies, and also had some meats on a stick, and squid balls from a street vendor. We were back at the hotel from a couple of days ago but in a different room.

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