Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Asian Adventure - Shenzen to Hong Kong

Slept not too badly, but were compensated by bacon for breakfast again. Didn't do too much until we were collected by our guide and driver at 10am to be taken to the train station to take the bullet train to Shenzen.

From here we were collected by another guide and driver and delivered to our own Hotel in Hong Kong. There seemed to be a bit of trouble at the border, but we couldn't really work out what the problem was. If we understood correctly there was a car before us that went through the Chinese Emigration Point, but didn't get to the Hong Kong Immigration Point, but why that had to hold us up was a mystery. 

At least we were able to sit in the shade with a breeze while they sorted it out. Apparently, the driver was not allowed to stop in our street, so dropped us in the next one (which had double yellow lines each side anyway), and we found our 'hotel'. I 'do' use that word loosely. 
Our booking was for the 12th floor, but reception was on 13, and it turned out that our cell was on the 13th floor. One of the girls went downstairs to collect Darryl, who I had left there with the suitcases while I checked in. The cell has 2 double beds in it, one across the 2m width of the room, and the other butting up against it the other way. There is about 2m2 of walking space (some of which is taken up by the mini-fridge), and the shower is 'in' the toilet (the sort of thing in a motorhome). There is no window, so once you have turned off the lights for the night, you have no way of knowing anything of the outside. It would have been great if there was only one bed and it was long enough for Darryl to sleep on without his feet over the end.
Working on the exterior of our cell using bamboo for scaffolding 

Small and cramped but great location

Combination shower, toilet, sink, laundry and clothes hanger/drier

We went out, found a restaurant, but it only took cash, so went to get some, and had a meal, we each had some sort of pork rib dish, but they were very different. Food here is extremely expensive, as everything is imported. We were no longer part of our guided tour, as we decided that Hong Kong would have enough English for us to get around by ourselves.

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