Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Asian Adventure - Terracotta Warriors

The breakfast at the hotel was very similar to that at the hotel in Beijing, with a lot less choice. 

We were collected by Mai and Lee at 9:30, and they changed the plan so we went to the Terracotta Warriors instead of the following day. It was an hours drive out of town, and first we were taken to the Factory where they make current souvenirs and a huge souvenir shop. After we had a look at all the lovely things we went on to the Museum at the pits. There are three pits, in order of their discovery. The initial discovery was made in the 1970s when there was a drought and a farmer decided to put a bore down to make a well, and he dug up a warrior head. They really are impressive, and there is continual excavation. The whole of the burial site is 54km2 and there are many pits which have not yet been investigated.

Click to play video (2min 06sec)

We then visited the museum dedicated to Qin Shihuang's Tomb, which contained 1/2 sized chariots and horses made of metal. The workmanship was stunning.

Lunch was at a nearby restaurant and we had Beef with Black Bean sauce and steamed cabbage, along with a beer. It was all very tasty. 

Out guide Mai in front of the Restaurant
The drive back took a couple of hours, and we then had a short nap then went for a bit of a walk to find a grocery store to get a few items for the train trip the following day. 

The street market where we did our shopping

A group dancing for exercise

Lots of exciting aerobatics in the night sky

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