Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Asian Adventure

Sunday2 Aug: 
While packing, I did my back...it was so sore at one stage I could only crawl around. I used heat packs, rested, and Darryl did a bit of an adjustment. Very worried about how bad it is so close to leaving.

Tuesday 4 Aug:
An early start we were out and waiting for the taxi. Luckily there was no fog like yesterday, so no delays. The flight to Brisbane was a little bumpy on ascent and descent. 

We took the complimentary T-Bus to the International Terminal. The flight to Hong Kong was around 8 hours, and was quite good. We had and aisle and a window seat together which suited us both. In Hong Kong we were a bit worried about the time to get to our terminal, but the flight was delayed quite a bit, so it turned out to be ok, except that I was dying to go to the loo, but kept holding off thinking we would board soon. Hong Kong looked quite spectacular both on the way in and out. 

It was only a couple of hours to Beijing. We went to collect out bags, but mine did not turn up. I made a lost property report and we finally went out to find our patient guide, Ami Pan, and driver, Mr Dung waiting. It was after midnight when they got us settled into our hotel, City Inn. The room was quite nice. The tiniest toilet rolls I have ever seen (I use that much in one session). No coffee supplied, but I had drunk plenty on the flights. The bed was really hard. I did not feel so good, my glands were up, and I had a headache. I set up my travel sim, and we went to bed. My back is improving.

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  1. Yes this part I forgot to tell you: The more stars a hotel got, the harder the mattresses as upper class Chinese do prefer a hard as can be mattress. When we mentioned while having breakfast that the bed was soft, the Chinese came out to say: and yes this is a problem, those beds are terrible, so soft !