Monday, 2 November 2015

Gym Boy's Walk

Glynn wanted to do a pre-walk for the ½ day walk that he was asked to lead on Sunday, and I was invited along. The four of us left the car at the saddle and walked up the Gym Boy's Track to Sleipner lookout.
 After a short break we headed down the Zamia Track to find the rockface that can be seen from the saddle. A rockface was found, but from it a more suitable rockface was observed close by but higher up, and it was decided to find a way there on the way back from Forest View.

 We then followed the Zamia Track down and took the unmarked track out to forest view where we had a short break.

From there we walked back up the Zamia Track and found the ridge to the large rockface we had spotted earlier. 

After a short break to admire the views, we went back up the ridge marking the ridge with tape in preparation for the walk on Sunday.

Once back at Sleipner Lookout, we headed a short way along the track towards Mt Archer Summit before walking back to the vehicle by the Gym Boy's track.

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