Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Brisbane to Cooloola

The Essence includes a complimentary continental breakfast, which we had out on the patio. Darryl's mother lives in Lutwyche, and we had morning tea with her, before heading north again. 

Lunch was at a park on the beach at Bribie Island, then we called in to see cousin Bill Bray, who lives on Bribie Island, and he loaded me up with his family history files (which I am just keeping in case his family is interested in the future). Both Eileen, Darryl's mum, and Bill are 88 and both look in excellent health. 
We needed to do our shopping for the camping trip, so intended to go to Woollies at Nambour. Unfortunately, between the GPS and the signage on the motorway, I accidentally got Darryl to make a wrong turn, and there wasn't a way back to the motorway, so we ended up going through Caboolture. Eventually, we got to Nambour, found Woolies and got our supplies. Then the drive was along the old highway, which brought back memories for us, passing the Big Pinapple and Big Cow. 

We had to go through Pomona and Kin Kin (well almost) and eventually arrived at the Harry's Hut campground just on dusk. There was enough light to set up, and we were just about to eat, when a few drops of rain started falling. Darryl put up the tarp (which we had previously thought we wouldn't need), and we had dinner and retired to bed, more to get away from the hordes of mosquitos than anything. It was very still and pretty hot, but we put the sides up out of the way, and were quite comfortable.

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