Friday, 20 November 2015

Mooloolaba Day 3

Same start to the day as previously with an early swim. I had contacted a genie friend, Pauleen, (who had recently relocated from Darwin), and we met up at the Via Italia, just in the front of our complex, for coffee and a great chat.

Part of the prize included a family tickey to Underwater World. Neither Darryl nor Marc were interested so Dell, Alan and I went. We were able to use the ticket for Dell and I, but Alan was able to get in for only $24 by the time he had his senior's discount and an additional 20% from the voucher from the Tourist Information centre. It was pretty interesting, and we enjoyed the Seal Show, but it was a shame we had missed the other shows. For what it was, I think the full price was a bit steep, but the 20% discount helped.

In the afternoon, we went to the markets.

'Frustration' was played again, and Marc won.


  1. Love underwater world - I bought a membership when I was there. Did you see the cuttlefish?

  2. Yes! I just love cuttlefish....unfortunately though I couldn't get a very good photo of them.