Monday, 23 November 2015

Mooloolaba to Brisbane

Same start to the day as previously, but up early to pack up after Darryl and Alan went for a swim. Marc left first, then we all checked out around 9am. Dell & Alan were heading to Wondai, but we went south to Brisbane. At Northgate we had a look at some Camrode Motorhomes. It turned out they were really unsuitable as there was not enough legroom for Darryl. There was another seller, so as we pulled away we called him. He returned our call, and it turned out that his vehicle was parked out the front of the same house we had just been at. This one was a later model, and had more legroom. It wasn't actually for sale, but was good to have a look. 
As it was nearly lunch-time we headed for Toowong Shopping Centre and had lunch. Then it was down to Wickham Street in the Valley for my work meeting, which went well. By the time this finished, the traffic was starting to build, but we got to the Essence Appartments, where we were staying. Dinner was at the best Thai restaurant in Brisbane – Thai Ayuthaya at Chermside. Again, we were really tired and crashed early, only to be rudely awoken around 8pm by the phone ringing. Apparently, something had gone wrong with my credit card payment. Next thing the guy was even at the door, but I requested to be left alone until morning, when I would sort it out.

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