Friday, 11 November 2016

Victoria - Drummer Rest - Neerim South - Day 10

Morning showed there were only 2 guys and a girl in the whizz-bang. 

Darryl had a tick on the back of his neck. We went for the rainforest walk around the creek, which was quite nice with huge gum trees with hollow bases big enough for a person. 

Tree Ferns

Wandering Jew (Tradescantia spp)

The walk was through lovely tree-ferns, maidenhair and other ferns lining the path. Blue fairy-wrens & huge pigeons, along with a yellow chested bird frequented the area.

We were very impressed with Bairnsdale. 

We stayed at Neerim South Caravan Park. This was a magical rural setting, with rolling green hills and cattle grazing. Mick, the owner was very friendly and helpful. Very clean facilities and the camp kitchen area just amazing, with a pooltable, and ping-pong, large screen tvs (which, unfortunately didn't work). There were a couple of other minor problems (washing the clothes), but they refunded us $10 which was good. They were lovely level powered sites at the back, and I think you would be surprised that we are in a Caravan Park. 

Time for Happy Hour!

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