Monday, 14 November 2016

South Gisbourne - Ballarat - Lake Burrumbeet - Day 13

Despite the rain we managed to pack up pretty dry. From Werribee we drove to Gisbourne South to see Lynette and John, and catch up on lots of family information. 

In Ballarat and called in to see Margaret, one of Darryl's cousins for more family chat. 

This was followed by some shopping and we fueled up before ending up at Lake Burrumbeet. The track in was pretty rough (as in muddy with potholes)...I heard a funny noise and when I got out it was coming from the front driver-side wheel. I drove a short distance for Darryl to check it. The camp spot was lovely with a very nice sunset, although unfortunately we couldn't get a good photo of the wind-farms. There was a huge swarm over our vehicle, what looked liked, but weren't, mosquitoes, making a buzzing at the front. 

We slept well (I think the buzzing insects in the last photo went away once the sun set). You need to click on that last photo to see how many there were...

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