Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Daylesford - Day 22

At 4am we had to get up and the outside  temperature was 1.2oC! We 'had' thought that if it was still raining we would remain at the site as at least we had shelter in the hut, but the sun was trying to come through, so we packed up to leave. I thought that we would get the best info from the Tourist Info at Ballarat, so that became our destination. After a little trouble to find it (the GPS was showing the location which was 12 months old) we found it, but they really didn't have what we wanted, so we went to the Botanical Gardens for lunch. It was freezing and showers didn't help. Daylesford Tourist Info was more help, but we then decided to go to Jubilee Lake Caravan Park. This is a very pretty place, with lots and lots of birds! The peacock put on a great display. After setting up, I paid for another night, and we walked the lake circuit. 

King parrot

Sulpur-crested cockatoos, ducks & red-bills

Close-up of the water-lillies

The grove of trees leading to a spring

The spring

Daylesford apparently has 85% of Australia's mineral springs, and there was one near the lake. It tasted zingy with a hint of sulphur. The lake is supposed to have rainbow and brown trout. We had a great evening, being able to watch tv for the first time since leaving home, and good internet, AND had the fan heater going all night.

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