Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Grampians - Day 15

From the Wonderland Carpark, we walked through the 'Grand Canyon' and 'Silent Street' to 'The Pinnacle' which was 5.5k return. 

Plenty of signs on the way

A skink

Grevillea spp
Grevillea spp

Everlasting Daisies

Myrtle (Calytrix spp)

Parrot-pea (Dillwynia spp) ???

Bridal Veil Falls

Bauera spp ???

Looks a bit like Milkmaids..but I'm not sure

Myrtle (Calytrix spp)

Everlasting Daisy

Orange bell climber (Bilardiera bignoniacea)

You can 'just' see Darryl across the walkway and to the left

Then we headed down the path to 'Splitters Falls'. Lots of lovely rock formations were everywhere with skinks sunning themselves and darting away as we approached. Beautiful wildflowers were in abundance, with Correa, Melaleuca, Hakea, Grevillea, Goodenia, Calytrix, Burchardia, Calectasia, Arthopodium, Wahlenbergia, Acacia (Wattle), Drosera (sundew), Helichrysum (of many types), Ozothamnus, Olearia, Utricularia, Natice Hops, Dilynia, Davesia, and Kennedia, amongst others. I found the Splitters Falls walk difficult even though it was supposed to only be 0.7km one way, as most was downhill and by then my knees were really protesting.

Coming back from the falls wasn't so bad. There was an accident on the road to the left (luckily we weren't going that way). Back at camp we showered & relaxed. I got some good video of the kangaroos and after dinner we joined a campfire with Bob and Sue who recommended Daylesford and Kyneton for walks.

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