Saturday, 12 November 2016

Clare's Birthday Party - Day 11

In the morning had a visit from a pair of beautiful king parrots. I could not recommend this place enough.

Our journey continued up to Healesville, Yarra Glen, and through the Latrobe state forest which was destroyed in the 1983 Ash Wednesday fires. We were impressed by the massive gums, treeferns, stringbark, bloodwoods lining the road. 

After Kangaroo Ground we got stuck at Diamond Creek. The railway gates were stuck down and traffic was queued up. I tried to get us to the next crossing by going south, but we ended up a no-through-road with a tiny turn at the end. Darryl had to disconnect the D-Max from the camper-trailer, and turn it around, and then some lovely residents helped us manually turn the camper trailer and reconnect. At the bottom of the hill a policeman told us to go by Wilson's Rd which was a narrow windy road, with lots of impatient unhappy people driving on it, but with only an hour's delay we finally got through. Arriving at Gail's place at Werribee we met a lot of the family, and just as we were leaving to go to the caravan park, Clare and Laurie turned up. The wind was really gusting, and we were worried about the direction of the van, but all was ok. The 80th party was a fantastic night, lots of people turned up, friends and family. and Clare looked fabulous. I think we got home around 11pm.

Gary, Clare, Gail & Mark

More of Clare's immediate family

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