Thursday, 17 November 2016

Grampians - Day 16

We packed up and left the Caravan Park, leaving the car and camper in a carpark so that we could go for the little walk to Bouces to see the waterfall. Bob and Sue were there and had another chat. 
Shingleback / Stumpytail Skink in the Botanic Gardens

Natural steps in the creek


Kookaburra watching us inquisitively
The Plantation Camping Ground (State Forest) was free, so we shifted base, and found a good spot with nice views of the escarpment and nearby shady pine trees to sit under in the hot afternoon. It did get quite hot and dry. 

Darryl relaxing in the afternoon heat under a large shady pine tree

 Darryl went for a scout around and thought he saw deer tracks. Kangaroos came down to graze and a big shingleback skink wandered past our campsite, which I shifted out of danger. King Parrots were eating grass seeds, but they were a bit far away for a photo.
Shingleback giving me the evil eye

Witchetty Grub entree

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