Friday, 18 November 2016

Grampians - Day 17

As I didn't sleep well I didn't feel great, so Darryl got up early and went for a walk up the escarpment and after lunch he went for a walk down the roads. A few Wallabies came down to feed.  It was overcast with a few light scuds and 17oC. We cycled about 5km up the dirt road to Heatherlie Quarry, where Freestone was mined in the late 1800s for many major buildings in Melbourne. Sadly, there were quite a few dead stumpytails on the road. 

Running Postman (Kennedia prostrata)

I think this is the sort of rock mined here

The Power station

The Explosives Store

Old tram tracks

Everlasting Daisies

I suspect these are the leaves of the Helmet Orchid

Grey Everlasting (Ozothamnus obcordatus)

In the evening lots of other people turned up, including 6 whizz-bangs around us. Chatting to our neighbours discovered the guy was from Toronto. He managed to get quite a good fire going using a greenish branch that we had ignored. It turned out the 6 whizz-bangs were quieter than the one at Drummer Rest Area.

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