Sunday, 20 November 2016

Grampians - Day 19

Spectacular sky from our campground
Rocks around Hall's Gap
I had planned another loop drive. First we stopped at Lake Bellfield to take some photos, then took the short walk to Silverband Falls. It was pretty early so we were only the second ones there.

Chocolate Lilly (Arthropodium spp)

Milkmaids (Burchardia umbellata)

Not sure what this is

Bracket fungi breaking down the burnt logs

Kidney weed (Dicondra spp)

Geranium ???


 Then we went past the Jimmy Creek Camping Area, and on to Mafeking, a picnic spot at an ex-gold-mining town, for morning tea. A little red breasted bird was quite taken with our side mirrors. 

Wattle (Acacia spp )

I don't know this one

 The plan was to go on to Kalymna Falls, but the road was closed, so we backtracked to Lake Bellfield where we had a nice lunch under huge trees, being serenaded by the screeching galahs. Some people were fishing on the lake, (and had been there since we first stopped in the morning), and there was a canoeist. 

Back at our campsite we had a lazy afternoon. Darryl washed the clothes and then had a nap under the cool shade of the huge pine trees. A small wallaby was grazing quietly in the shade near us. Darryl said "You don't mind the flies so much around here as you don't have to pay for them!"

A nice sunset sky with birds flying

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