Saturday, 26 November 2016

Murrindindi Reserve - Day 25

Disaster! Darryl started out on an early walk to the Falls, but on the way slipped on a rock and tore his hamstring. 

At least I had the transcript of the story of Sydney Robert Smith, given to me by Lynette, for Darryl to read to occupy himself. The family lived in far north Queensland, so was of 'some' interest to him. 

Blue Fairy Wren
 We went for a little walk to the suspension bridge, and there was some excitement as a few people were gathered around looking at something on the ground which turned out to be a snake. Someone said it was a 'Yellow-belly' and it did have some yellow scales on the lower part. The top scales were a slatey grey. I had to drive the D-Max back to the start of the park to book in for another 2 nights, as Darryl couldn't push in the clutch. Today we saw a pair of King Parrots, and another bird with a yellowish-olive chest.

King Parrots

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