Monday, 8 July 2013

Canada Hols - Banff - Sunday

As mentioned, on Sunday we got up around 7am, and did a bathroom shuffle. As it was a nice clear day, we thought the best activity for the morning was the banff Gondola ride. Once again it was lucky we went early, as by the time we came down the car park was full and people were being turned away. At the top was a 1km interpretive boardwalk, and stunning mountain views. It is very popular and sometimes it was hard to get photos with all the people up there. A Big-horned Sheep was sitting just down from the top, chewing its cud. Back at the “Y” we had lunch and then Donna, (Darryl's friend from Pimlico days) turned up from Winnipeg on the shuttle bus. Donna's friend Patricia arrived soon after and we all walked up to Banff Springs Hotel ( ) to have a look – what a place! We had an enjoyable time at dinner at “Wild Bill's Saloon(, although I think I relished my meal of ribs the best. After dinner Darryl and I went for a nice stroll along the river-bank, and admired the sunset.

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