Friday, 19 July 2013

Canada Trip - Montreal Day 4

On Sunday we had a late start going into town. Our first stop was to watch another performance of Cirque, but we were a little disappointed, it was mainly them just covering themselves and some canvases in paint, in an acrobatic way. Eventually we got sick of watching and went back to the Information Centre to book our Niagara Falls & Toronto tour for Wed & Thu. All along Rue St Catharine were markets, so we walked along, even though it was quite hot. At one stage there were Drummers playing in the street. Then we stumbled into the Comedy Festival precinct. We thought we would have time to do some grocery shopping, go home for dinner, and get back for the Comedy Festival show, but we ran out of time. I didn't take many photos this day.

We were impressed by the unique way of watering trees

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