Sunday, 21 July 2013

Canada Trip - Montreal Day 8

On Saturday Darryl and I took the Metro into the city. We picked up our rail tickets and then made our way to the Jean Talon Markets. Walking out of the Metro we turned the wrong way so also had a look at St Hubert, where there were lots of Wedding, Formal Dress and Shoe shops. The Jean Talon Markets are a large fresh food market, with fruits and vegetables, cheese, seafood, flowers & meats. Shane joined us and we had lunch before heading to the Festivals. We watched some performances at the African Festival. Darryl seemed to enjoy it even thought he slept (he had been woken by some returning party-goers in the early hours and not been able to get back to sleep). I thought the first band was terrible, the second and third weren't too bad, although the music seemed more Latino than African. Shane got bored so went home early. Eventually we moved on to the Montreal Comedy Festival precinct, and got some freebies, watched 'Just for Laughs', and other street games and performers, before going home too.

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