Friday, 19 July 2013

Canada Trip - Montreal Day 2

Shane took Friday off work as well, to show us around. We needed to orientate ourselves with the Metro, and went in to the centre of the city. From here we were able to walk up through McGill University to Mont-Royal. A nice walking track/stairs took us up to a great lookout of the city. From there I could see a bridge which looked very much like Storey Bridge in Brisbane. The Museum of Fine Arts had some great exhibits. Outside were lots of modern sculptures, but inside we admired some classical artworks, (Matisse, Picasso, Modigliani, Salvidore Dali),  and sculptures by Rodin. There was also an exhibition on Napoleon Bonaparte – paintings, personal furniture and clothing, and even his death mask. We had an early dinner/late lunch at Dundee's, before heading down to the Old Port. On the way were some nice buildings, including one which had defensive trenches. At Place Jaques Cartier there were Markets and Artists. We met up with Jess and went down to the wharf Quai de l'Horage, via some other attractions, including a cobbled road, to watch The International Fireworks Competition launched from La Ronde. To get back to the Metro we passed the Notre Dame Basilica all lit up for the evening.

Montreal has a Graffiti competition

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