Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Canada Hols - Yoho National Park

We decided to spend Tuesday in Yoho National Park, and drove off early at 7am. The first two walks we aborted as we were the only ones there. Down one road we had a ground squirrel running down the road in front of the car, and later I saw a doe beside the road. Natural Bridge was the first place we visited was Natural Bridge. This is where the water has eroded below what was once a waterfall to form a bridge. Within minutes a coachload of tourists turned up so we didn't stay long. Further along this road was Emerald Lake. This is a really beautiful spot with snow-covered mountains, glaciers, the most georgeous teal-blue water, and the 'Burgess Shale', (, one of the most important fossil sites in the world. We strolled around the 5km track around the lake, with me photographing mountains and flowers (including some yellow orchids). About a quarter of the way around Darryl spotted a bear at the far end. He filmed it, and we later reported it to National Parks, and they confirmed it was a Grizzly. It was moving across the delta of the river coming into the lake, and as we watched it looked like it became spooked and took off. I think we would have turned back, even though it was a long way away, but, luckily just at that moment along came another couple, closely followed by two Danish sisters, so we continued on as a group. The rest of the walk was delightful. After lunch by the lake, watching lots of people canoeing, fishing & swimming (there is also a resort there), we drove to Takakkaw Falls. These were awesome! They are the second highest falls in Canada, and the water comes off a glacier. The walk takes you right to the base, but it is pretty wet. On the trip back to Golden we stopped at Faedor Lake for a quick look at the lake and river. Once again it was a hot day here with 35oC.

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